Mytilini, Lesbos
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Mytilini - Arts, Culture, Ouzo

The ferry from Thessaloniki arrives early in the morning, so you have plenty of time to find some accomodation. We took the offer of a room from a lady standing on the ferry terminal and it was quite comfortable and not far away.

There is a range of museums and art galleries to have a look at. We also decided to climb the hill behind the town (together with the local goats and a donkey) where we found what appeared to be an old amphitheatre.

I learnt later that this area is reportedly famous as being the model for the future Roman amphitheatres. This amphitheatre in Mytilini could seat 10,000 spectators.

Cleaning the day's catch of octopus - soon to be tossed on the charcoal grill.

There’s plenty of action around the harbour. And the old fort on the headland is well worth a visit. There is plenty to see at the fort and it is well signed with explanatory signs. Allow a couple of hours to look over the site properly. 

If you get sick of the tourist sights, there are shops of every description spread around the the waterfront.  The selection of cafes means that your culinary requirements will be satisfied without too much effort. 

And if you are that way inclined, stop over at some of the local ouzo shops and have a taste – Lebos is famous for its ouzo! 

We hired a car on the waterfront just near the ferry terminal to use for the rest of our stay on Lesbos.

Next stop for us is Molyvos – why don’t you join us.

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