Molyvos Castle

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It is ever present in Molyvos. It’s like a guardian angel, hovering over everything. Inviting you to visit, it can only be ignored for so long.

And if you don’t want to tackle the steps, I understand there is now a Blue Train that will take you there (and you can get there by road).

Molyvos Castle, Lesbos
The view East from the Molyvos Castle

When we visited there was an artist in residence painting in the style of a famous folk painter from Lesbos, Theofilos.

A painting by Theofilos
By Theophilos Hatzimihail - [1], Public Domain,
Molyvos Castle, Lesbos
Looking down at the little boat harbour at Molyvos

What you will find now is a well documented castle complex from the 14th Century or thereabouts, a 21st Century taverna, and a great view which will give you a lifetime of memories.

Molyvos Castle, Lesbos
Molyvos Castle, Lesbos
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