Ypsilos Monastery
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Ypsilos Monastery - Is there anyone there?

Ypsilos Monastery in Lesbos has a magnificent position on the top of an extinct volcano. The road circles around the volcano then splits with one way up and one way down – a choice often presented to the wavering faithful.

Ypsilos Monastery
We visited the monastery from Molyvos. Plenty of sights in the traditional countryside on the way

The monastery is on the way to Sigri which is a little village on the coast. The petrified forest is also nearby so you can combine these destinations on your trip.

Ypsilos Monastery
We stopped to say hello to this guy but he only spoke Greek.

The monastery is a quiet place. There didn’t appear to be anyone around when we visited. Through the well protected gateway you enter a little colonaded courtyard. The inside of the chapel is dark and peaceful. 

Filtered light streams in through the windows in the chapel and there are a few icons displayed. It’s cool inside.

You can walk up on top of the battlement where there is a bell. There is an old well outside the main wall and evidence of an old pathway that would have been used before the luxury of the road.

From here you can drive on to the petrified forest or perhaps a little further on to the coast.

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