Beautiful Lesbos

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Sad to report that a devastating fire has destroyed the migrant camp on Lesbos. Hopefully the UN can provide support and a solution to this situation.  


Lesbos, Greece

The Greek island of Lesbos is around 10 km off the Turkish coast. There are reports of tension between the local inhabitants and the estimated 20,000 refugee migrants fleeing from Turkey and other points East to Europe.

We can only hope that a more peaceful and tolerant world will stop the suffering of innocent people, one day.

A visit to the Lesbos countryside is a way to discover peace and tolerance, and to marvel at the simple beauty of this island.

greece lesbos countryside 7380

When we visited the island it was a very peaceful place. We based ourselves at Molyvos, enjoyed travelling around to see the sights, and had a very relaxing time. We have very fond memories of ut time there.

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