Liberty Alley
A memorial to reporters who lost their lives reporting conflict
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Reporters Memorial, Bayeux

The Reporters Memorial was established in 1994 in Bayeux in an area near the War Cemetery to commemorate those war reporters who had lost their lives telling us about world conflict.

The seven foot stone pillars that line the walkway record the names of the dead for each year.There’s no room to describe how they lost their lives, just their names.

The plaque at the beginning of the avenue, which is bordered by trees and wild flowers is simple in it’s message.

” Bayeux, which witnessed a freedom dearly won, has included the  Memorial to Reporters in its “Liberty Alley” centre, to encourage the younger generations to think about what freedom really means.”

Reporters Memorial Bayeux
The avenue of remembrance to war correspondents in Bayeux.
There is now an annual award, known as the Bayeux Calvados-Normandy Award, which is presented each year in various categories. In addition to the awards, there are displays and discussions at a festival that lasts over a number of weeks in October each year.

As journalist Robin Stafford wrote in The Independent in March 2008 – “Journalists may be detested for their nosiness. But the Bayeux memorial is a reminder that we should look carefully at those who detest them, and increase our efforts to prevent the shooting of the messenger.”

War Cemetery Bayeux
The War Cemetery at Bayeux, France
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