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The Stick Shed - a Forest of Mountain Ash in the Wimmera

The Stick Shed is a second world war grain storage shed. One of many of its type built around Australia in the early 1940s, this magnificent example at Murtoa in Victoria’s Wimmera region is the only one left.

The Stick Shed
Who would have thought there would be a forest of Mountain Ash trees transplanted to the Wimmera district?

When I announced that we were going to see The Stick Shed, my travel companions thought we were going to see a shed made of sticks. Someone even thought that it may be made out of matchsticks! Imagine their surprise when we entered the huge expanse of this wonderful “shed”. 

Construction of The Stick Shed

Constructed using over 500 mountain ash tree trunks, the shed is 270 metres long and 60 metres wide. It was built to house grain that couldn’t be exported overseas because of the war. It continued to serve as a grain storage facility until 1990.

The Stick Shed (previously known as the Murtoa No. 1 Grain Store) is the only remaining emergency grain store of its type of the many that were built around Australia during World War II.

The shed is listed on the Australian Heritage Register.

Described as the “cathedral of the Wimmera”, the Stick Shed is now a major tourist attraction in the region and also serves as an event venue for weddings, conferences and trade shows, photographic exhibitions and fashion parades.

The Stick Shed
Visitors to The Stick Shed dwarfed by the forest of 540 mountain ash tree trunks that were used in its construction

The site has an information centre with photos, videos, toilets and helpful staff who are happy to answer questions. You can even buy souvenirs to remember your visit.

You can learn more about The Stick Shed at the official site.

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