Dinard, France
An elegant coastal holiday destination
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Elegant Dinard

Dinard, France is a seaside village of lovely elegant villas perched overlooking the Rance estuary.

We came from Saint-Malo by a short boat trip across the estuary. Here you’ll find fancy hotels, a casino, restaurants, panoramic views over the English Chanel, and a sandy beach.

Dinard, France
Looking down the road that runs through the centre of Dinard.

As an example of a restaurant meal in Dinard, this is the choice you could expect at restaurant L’Abri des Flots, 6 Place de la République, 35800 Dinard.


Pressed cake and St. Jacques marinated
orange vinaigrette (18 €)
Duck foie gras house and fig jam, toast (€ 15.50)
Salmon Gravlax in section, avocado and wasabi cream (12 €)


Dos grilled cod, reduced gravy (17 €)
Seafood sauerkraut (21 €)
Vendée duck breast with pepper Timut (16 €)


The profiterole house (8 €)
Shortbread strawberry, creamy basil (9 €)
The real Grand Marnier soufflé (€ 10)

As we said – very elegant!

We had a lovely walk along Promenade Clair de Lune, which runs along the estuary foreshore and around the point to the beach. It’s also worth exploring the town’s streets and looking at the elegant 19th century villas. 

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