Opera de Paris Garnier
The Library of the Opera National de Paris Garnier
One of the set models of a previous production at the Opera
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(The Phantom of the) Opera de Paris Garnier

The traditional haunt of the Phantom of the Opera, Opera National de Paris Garnier is now the official home of the Ballet de l’Opera National de Paris. 

You can take a guided tour or, like we did, just wander around yourself.  The day we were there, the Ballet was rehearsing on stage.

This building is magnificent. The interior decoration is almost Versailles like. You almost feel like you should be wearing your tuxedo. It is only a bouquet throw from Galleries La Fayette, so plan to combine the two visits together and that will give you a good reason to leave the temptations of the shopping mall.

Opera National de Paris Garnier
Hurry on over to Opera National de Paris Garnier.
Opera National de Paris Garnier
The facade of the Opera National de Paris Garnier

There are two main opera houses in Paris, and Opera National de Paris Garnier now tends to host smaller productions with the grandest offerings staged at Opera de la Bastille.

You can see what’s on at both opera houses here


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