The entrance to the Versailles Palace complex
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Versailles Palace and Grounds

I’m sure that the residents of Versailles before the revolution didn’t have to worry about the ticket inspectors on the train. We got cautioned about our ticket! We had crossed a zone and our ticket wasn’t valid – but the inspectors were very considerate and advised us to make sure we purchased the right ticket for the journey back.  

When you see the lavishness of Versailles, you realise that the previous inhabitants would have owned the train if there had been one. (And now there is a train within the grounds if the distances in the park overwhelm you.) 

There is so much bling in this place, you will realise the reason for the French Revolution.  

If you are suffering from too much gilt (guilt) take a walk through the beautiful grounds of the palace while you think about the 36,000 labourers that were required to build this place.

Only pictures can describe the gloriousness of the most richly decorated palace in the world. 

Versailles Palace
Versailles Palace
Versailles Palace
Versailles Palace
Versailles Palace
Versailles Palace
Versailles Palace
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