Leimonas Monastery

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Leimonas Monastery, Lesvos, Greece

In its heyday, this monastery housed over 150 monks. It served as a Greek learning centre during the Ottoman occupation  (when formal Greek education was prohibited and monasteries often served as secret Greek schools).

Situated near the village of Dafia, it has also functioned as an Orthodox Church retirement centre.

When we visited we got the impression that the monastery had been almost forgotten – apart from the occassional tourist that wanders through.

However we have sinced learned that the place is still an important spiritual center on the island with a museum, a library and social services, and that overnight stays are possible.

Leimonas Monastery
Leimonas Monastery

Maybe it’s a long bow to draw, but perhaps places like this could play a role in assistance to the large number of refugees that are coming to the island from conflicts in the Middle East. Of course, they may be already doing that. If you have further information about this, leave a comment below.

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