The Lighthouse at Cape du Couedic
Admirals Arch
Kangaroo Island on
Remarkable Rocks
Remarkable Rocks
Remarkable Rocks
Remarkable Rocks
Kangaroo Island on
Seal Bay
Kangaroo Island on
Kangaroo Island on
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Kangaroo Island
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In 2019/2020 devastating bush fires burnt out almost half of Kangaroo Island’s beautiful landscape. Read about the search for spider survivors here.  

Hopping at Kangaroo Island

Sea lions at the Seal Bay Conservation Park, Admirals Arch, Remarkable Rocks, and yes, the odd kangaroo are just some of the sights you will find on Kangaroo Island.

The island is a nature based destination – plenty of wild life, beaches and bush walks to keep young and old nature lovers happy.

The island is a short roll-on roll-off ferry ride off South Australia’s coast.

Kangaroo Island
Plenty of Kangaroos and other Australian wildlife on Kangaroo Island

The lighthouse pictured in the slideshow is situated at Cape du Couedic, Flinders Chase National Park. The Cape was named by French explorer Nicholas Baudin,and is the most south westerly point of the Kangaroo Island coast..

Kangaroo Island
Seals at the Seal Bay Conseration Park.

We stayed at an off-grid eco retreat on Cape Cassini. Our house was perched on top of the cliffs looking out to the sea.

The local wild life visited us regularly at dusk looking for a hand-out. And mine host visited us regularly each morning to let us know how much power we had used.

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3 years ago

Kangaroo Island is the #1 spot we want to visit in SA! I think one day we will have to properly visit Victoria and SA. Its all the wildlife that makes it so special.

Reply to  James
3 years ago

The wildlife on Kangaroo Island suffered in the 2019/2020 devastating bush fires that hit the island but there are a lot of projects happening to help the survivors and bring the area back to its former beauty.

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