The Conciergerie, Isle de la Cite
Brasserie Les Deux Palais near the Conciergerie

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The Conciergerie - a palace prison

Once part of a royal palace, the Conciergerie was used as a prison during the French Revolution, housing over 4000 prisoners. Notable among them were Marie-Antoinette who occupied a small cell before she went to the guilotine. 

It is quite interesting history especially the stories of how the building was used during the French Revolution. One of the cells is set up depicting how Marie-Antoinette was imprisoned. There are lists of those who were held here and subsequently sent to the guilotine.  

The prison exercise yard.

The Conciergerie is just around the corner from Sainte-Chapelle and Brasserie les Deux Palais. At the latter you can enjoy a goat salad, a glass of Gringnan Adhemar 2018, followed by Camembert or Dung Goat cheese with your coffee.

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