The Castelliers of Barcelona
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The Fantastic Castellers of Barcelona

In Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia, Barcelona there’s a clock tower. It was originally constructed so you could see the time wherever you were in the Gracia district. Now it serves the residents in the high rise units that surround the square.

The Castelliers of Barcelona
The Tower in the square was built in 1862, is just over 110 feet tall, the Castelliers of Barcelona have a challenge.

Maybe also the tower offers a challenge to the Castellers of Barcelona who delight in building human towers. The human tower is not complete until the last member of the team has climbed to the top and raised a hand with four fingers extended to the sky. Maybe one day they’ll climb so high that they will look down on the tower.

The biggest cheer was saved for the youngest member of the team who lifted his arm at the top

The Castelliers of Barcelona
The Castelliers of Barcelona
castelliers of Barcelona

We were lucky to find this spectacle. We had just arrived in Barcelona that morning and settled into our unit. We decided on a walk to see what was in the neighbourhood. We had only gone a few blocks when we heard the noise coming from a small side street leading to the square. 

And there was noise – cheering and hooting as the human towers rose up from the crowd  below with the biggest cheer saved for the youngest member of the team who lifted his arm at the top. Then, when everyone was back safely on the ground, another huge cheer with fists raised above their heads.   

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