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Sacre-Coeur - Montmartre's Castle in the Sky

They forbid you from taking photos inside the Basilica Sacre-Coeur. I’m not sure why, perhaps they have some nice postcards you can buy.

I did buy one of those souvenir coin things that you get out a machine and I gave it to my neighbour. She likes that sort of stuff – especially if it has something to do with religion. 

It’s quite a climb up the steps to the church. Not the church steps, the steps up the hill to the church. You can bypass these steps by taking the little tramcar up the slope. Then there is only a few steps to the church and you may find a lot of people sitting on these – it’s a favourite spot. 

If you go inside the church, there are more steps you can climb – up to the top of the 90 metre church dome to get a good view over Paris.  

The Basilica was consecrated in 1919. It’s probably good to have a rest in the church pews after all those steps, because there’s not many places to sit if you continue your journey to the tourist area of Montmatre

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