La Boqueria Food Market, Las Ramblas, Barcelona
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La Boqueria Food Market

It’s a celebration of food. One of your stop-off points as you stroll down Las Ramblas in Barcelona will be La Boqueria Food Market.

While surely to satisfy your cuisine desires, the visual stimulation will last you for some time. It’s a glorious array of colour and shapes.

Chillies in red, orange and green, candied fruit in purples, greens, yellows, browns and oranges, vegetables in green, brown, and red – it’s a wonderful sight.   

Make sure you visit early in the day to enjoy this historic leafy boulevard with far fewer crowds.

Las Ramblas, Barcelona
Strolling down the pedestrianised Las Ramblas, Barcelona.
Las Ramblas, Barcelona, street performer
Keep your eye out for the street performers as you wander down Las Ramblas

There are many stalls selling both food and drink. They cater mainly for lunches but are also options for a lighter snack.

Just as you enter the market you’ll find the most famous of the lunch bars – El Pinotxo. Foods are priced similarly to a quality restaurant. 

The fruit stalls throughout the market sell freshly squeezed fruit juices of many different varieties plus cups of different fruits cut up for a tasty and healthy snack.

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