Place des Vosges
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Place des Vosges - Take a Rest

It’s not just the lovely square, where you can sit and enjoy the sun and watch the world go by. It’s the symmetry of the place – the same number of houses on each side, the colonades that face onto the park, the manicured trees, the little iron hoops around the grass.

The statue of Louis XIII sits above the passers-by. In 1615, there was a three day tournament here to celebrate the marriage of Louis and Anne of Austria.

Victor Hugo lived at number 6 for sixteen years – lucky Victor. His residence is now a museum. 

There are a couple of cafes nearby if you want to grab a coffee. 

We walked through here on a number of occassions to pick up supplies at the market on Bouvelade Richard Lenoire.

Place des Vosges
The statue of Louis XIII sits above the passers-by in the Place des Vosges
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